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Bristol Lightboxes

2014-06-20 00.11.58

We have had a couple of projects to do at Bristol since they have started there redevelopment, the airport is continuing to grow and the opportunity for advertising is ever increasing, we started by installing 5 new LED lightboxes in Passport Control, these were 90mm deep recessed boxes with bezels, the skins were PVC. Bristol is rather unique for installs as during the Summer, they have flights landing throughout the night, this can make the airport busy any time of the day and extra care and HSE measures must be observed to keep the public safe.

We have also just completed a large LED lightbox in the new Walkway at 6m x 2.3m, this box wasn’t recessed like the others but wall mounted instead, during the same trip we also installed a 40mm deep non illuminated site in the old Walkway, both sites look fantastic and bring a modern look and feel to the airport.

Below are some photo’s but please have a look through “What we do” to see more of our lightboxes.

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