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Lightbox Conversions – Fluro to LED (LHR)

T1 LED 150813 ii

It has been a project that has been in development for some time now, LED’s have moved on such a long way from when they first reached the OOH market and the energy savings they offer are extraordinary, this is of course ideal for lightboxes as they consume a lot of power with the current Fluorescent tubes which have been standard for so many years. The other incredible benefit to LEDs is the maintenance aspect, tubes often fail regularly and changing them can be extremely expensive, LED’s have a much longer life and therefore the maintenance of them is extremely rare and therefore, extremely cost effective.

We have been converting lightboxes throughout London Heathrow for 4 months already & the project is ongoing…

If you are interested in converting your lightboxes, please email for a quote or more information.

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