Our Capabilities

Retail Architecture

At World Visual we believe retail is all about timing, creating a space which sells without over pressurising a customer. A space where they can feel comfortable to explore their needs and then fulfil them.

Event Architecture

More than most this is the arena where achieving specific goals in tight timeframes matter most, from installation to targeting customers and getting the message right.


The term ‘environment’ can mean almost anything and we believe it should. A project ought not be limited by categorisation and at World Visual we keep an open mind to accompany our broad skill set.


Often the most purely artistic of design disciplines displays whether in windows, in-store or anywhere are about allowing people to see things a particular way – the way you want.

Point of Sale

A sub-category of display but very commercially challenging, PoS is literally a display entirely about the item or service in question – the point of the sale – often but not necessarily at ‘the point of the sale’